Can you earn money online in Nepal ? Yes, Read How

Can you earn money online in Nepal ? Yes, Read How

First glance at the title “Can you earn money online in Nepal ? Yes, See How” looks really, click baity. In short, it’s really not, but you will not find ready made solution to uplift your economic condition here.

If you are asking yourself “how” I might be of some help. I will present you with the potential fields you can explore. Read the post in full, I hope I don’t bore you.

Truth about earning money online

First let us save ourselves some time stating the obvious. And also clearing out some misconceptions.

Let us first get familiar with the problem. The problem that we have is, we don’t have any idea what we can do.

We have come really far with the technology. You can really do anything you like if you have the drive. But you have to put effort on the right thing with continued research.

So getting down to business about earning online really comes down to one thing: EXPERTISE.

You have to be good at certain area if not multiple. With that knowledge you can share the it with the world generating you revenue.

But mind you the journey will not be as easy as it sounds. But if you are in on it. Let us explore what are the options available for you.


The first thing that pops up when you talk with any person who is familiar with the internet is Blogging. It indeed is a really decent thing to generate moderate revenue.

You can take blogging as a hobby to generate some passive income for you. If you can explore the depths of the internet and blogging. You might as well make it full-time.

My advise will be to take blogging as a side hustle. If you get really good with time then you can turn it mainstream.

But be advised in theory everything works out pretty well. In practicality is where it fails. And it can take years of your time for you to actually earn. It all depends on how much knowledge you have about internet in general and blogging as a whole.

Now that we are in that topic let us see how one might generate revenue from a blog.

How do you earn from blog ?

Now that we have understood how blog can be a passive income source. Let us see the options of converting the blog into a source of income.


If you have enough traffic coming through. You can place advertisements in you website. Which will generate decent revenue. The most popular one is AdSense.

If you hit the target of 1 Lakh monthly active users. The earnings will be decent.


If you visit Nepali blogs you can see national companies’ ads and banner. That is how you generate revenue.

You can make contracts with multiple companies. They will pay you for displaying their products on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically redirecting people on your site to buy some goods from certain sellers. For instance: you might affiliate with Daraz, and for each purchase Daraz will pay you some commission.

This is an alternative way of generating revenue from your blog. But you really need a huge number of traffic to your site. To make sure a certain fraction of people will actually buy something.

Since we are talking about generating traffic. How can we do just that ?

How to generate more traffic ?

The thing is there are a few options. You either pay google to show advertisements on the search engine. Or you can just focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate organic traffic.

Over 51% of the traffic in web are organic, i.e. non paid. To get good at organic reach, you have to really focus on SEO.

Don’t worry if you do not know anything about SEO. A few YouTube videos should be enough for you to get started. No one is born an expert, you can get good at anything with a routine study.

There are multiple aspects of SEO. And I will not be able to cover them all in this article.

And yes it will take a really very long time for you to rank high up. Which again depends on multiple factors.

The factors might be: website speed, length of your content, quality of your content, SEO on your site, etc.

Want to start a new blog ? You will need a domain name and you can get it for free. Don’t believe me, read here.

Also read the factors affecting SEO, read here.

Misconceptions about Blogging

People with some knowledge look at blogging as quick as a few clicks. Set up a website, write few content and then you can earn.

Here, I will like to quote Thanos: “Reality is often disappointing.“. And in case of Blogging it is very true.

Here are some misconceptions about blogging.

  • You will earn from day one or month one or even year one, it really depends
  • Blogging is an effortless magical money making work
  • You will earn Lakhs from blog, you might but so do people working 10 – 5 jobs
  • I need to put in less effort for high output, no it’s just the opposite if you don’t know what you are doing.

With that being said, and if you are still reading. Let us continue exploring other ways to earn money online in Nepal.

Content Creation

This is yet another opportunity for you to earn money online. If you are really knowledgeable in something you can create a YouTube channel.

You can post your content there which in turn generates revenue. There are many Nepali YouTubers from Nepal, and you too can be one.

But there is a catch to this approach. The audience for such content in Nepal are really low. So unless your idea can reach the general population. Changes are you will not be able to earn anything from YouTube.

Perform some analysis before you target the Nepali audience. If it looks profitable go ahead. But if not, you can always target other countries. India is a good choice if you know decent Hindi.

YouTubers from India generate decent revenue just by targeting general audience. So you can try, but it will take you a long time to generate revenue from YouTube too.

How to earn from YouTube ?

Everything from blog still applies to YouTube too. But there is something else you can do to generate revenue.

If you are really liked by people you can sell your brand. And yes by brand I mean selling merchandise. If you look up most YouTubers do this.

If you are the one who has fans all over the internet. People just might be interested to buy stuffs from you. It’s not particularly easy to earn money online from Nepal or any other country for that matter.

Ideas for YouTube channel

Now that we have explored the possibility of monetization. What kind of YouTube channel should you really create.

The trick is to find something around what you really love. Here are some of the ideas prepared for you.


If you really love travelling or your are passionate about something. You can create a vlogging channel sharing people what you do.

This really will have a high audience because it falls on a generic category. You can monetize your vlog just like any other YouTube channel.


If you like to make stuffs and try out new things. This might really be an area for you. If you sketch really well. You can provide lessons on how to sketch.

Or you can even review the sketches of other people. I have just presented an idea. You can explore the possibilities.


You can open up a YouTube channel to deliver educational content. People are always trying to learn something. Be it cooking different kinds of food.

Or the institutional things such as science, mathematics, software development. The possibilities are unlimited.


Or you could even create a YouTube channel dedicated to provide information about things. You can research about things over the internet or on books.

And then provide a summarized content to the viewers. People really like to know things in general because people are curious creature.

Are you motivated enough to earn money online in Nepal ? Let’s keep reading.


If you are skilled at something you can really sell your expertise at lucrative rates. You just have to ask yourself: What are you good at ?

If you are a software developer, content writer, VFX artist, Animator, Graphics designer etc. You can really find tons of opportunities online. Just find a freelancing platform and sign up and really get into working.

You can really earn money at you own pace and how well you handle the projects. Be very careful though, you need the right skills and trusted people.

Data Entry

This is one of the best alternative route if you have no knowledge about how things work online. You can just find ads over newspapers or Facebook.

Be very careful with Facebook though there are a lot of people scamming in the name of online jobs. The first rule when on internet is: Never trust anyone.

There are multiple opportunities in the area of data entry. There are organizations like CloudFactory, where many of my friends worked. And earned decent amount without much effort. All you need is a laptop and free time.

There are other various organizations who ask for man power to do data entry. Be cautious and take the step, you will gain experience if not money, or even both.


There is really no quick way for anything really. If you are willing to put in effort and time you will succeed at almost anything.

But be sure to research what you are doing. You have to research and then implement and repeat the process over and over again. Until you find something that really fits your needs.

And at the end of the day it’s not some article over the internet. But really your own research and experience helps you grow.

So what have we learned today to earn money online in Nepal ? Please do evaluate yourself. 🙂

Naveen Niraula

I am a full time developer, currently working with Android. I do some form of web development too. I consider myself to be really in the gray zone of full stack development. Learning and create new things and sharing what I have learned.

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