Download Windows 10: A Quick And Easy Guide

Download Windows 10: A Quick And Easy Guide

Are you frustrated that you have not found a working link for windows 10 to download ? It looks really harder than it actually is.

Read the whole post to find out how you can download windows 10 easily. And the best part is the download is directly from windows website. So there is no chances of you downloading any Viruses or Trojan on your system.

How to download windows 10 ?

Before I can show you exactly how you can download the ISO. You must understand we need to do a few things.

Download and install a User-Agent Switcher for your browser. In my case it’s chrome so I’m installing User-Agent Switcher by Google.

After installing it from the chrome store or other source for a different browser.

Step 1: Click the icon and switch the user agent to safari 7. The user agent must be anything other than windows related.

Step 2: Visit this link, click here. Select the edition and confirm.

Step 3: Next, you have to select the language for the ISO.

Step 4: You will see 2 options, select the one you desire.

Step 5: The link will expire in 24 hours, if you have a slow internet connection it will not complete in time.

So, I suggest you use something like JDownloader. Or any other download manager that has pause resume capability.

Why does this trick work ?

It’s really not a trick in itself. Windows always tries to make sure people use it’s product. And since we changed the user agent we will appear as if we are using a macOS.

We have tricked the server thinking into we are using mackintosh. When in reality we are just faking it.

Also this is not illegal if you are wondering.

That’s it for this article, hope you liked it.

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