Since the pandemic hit us back in December 2019 everything has been different. From what we do in our everyday lives to the fact that we have to work for our employers. It has not been easy from managing the workplace environment in own home to managing time. So this is an attempt to see COVID19 WFM and the ultimate lessons learned from it.

At first I thought I will write about some rant about the COVID19. But then something struck me and I realized why not do some positive writing instead of a useless rant?

Here I am writing about the struggles about me during the COVID19. How the work from home has changed my daily schedule these past months.

Oh! Also this is something new for me I don’t usually write about non technical things. But considering the COVID19 is not going away anytime soon. Why should I not give some non technical writing a try?

Lessons from the COVID19

Every 100 year or so we come close to a pandemic of great scale. It was back in 1919 the Spanish flu had taken place. Which too took millions of lives. But this time it is something different and it doesn’t seem to being controlled anytime soon.

Let us look at some of the work and health related issues that I have faced. I cannot vouch for you but you might have some similar encounters this season.

The Machine for Work

As someone who looks after multiple projects and considering the size of the projects. All I have to say is “Ugh!”. The device barely manages to run the project somehow. And being an Android developer I have to run emulator but since I own device that has 8GB ram. That is something close to impossible.

Even though I have a sata SSD, please do not ask me the capacity. The void for ram cannot just be filled with the SSD alone. And considering the lock-down situations and everything else. I just cannot walk up to a store and change the memory.

“We don’t do that here.”

So, it comes down to using my personal phone for the work. Which I must admit is pretty darn slow considering how much applications I use on a daily basis. And also the memory is almost entirely full, yes 64 GB, just like that.

Considering it has decent processor and also 4GB of RAM which is not sufficient for smooth operation. It’s really frustrating to just keep going back and forth to mobile device and the laptop.

Time Management

If the laptop wasn’t enough of a headache. I have another problem at my disposal. This is not the project time management issue. But rather the issue with my daily schedule.

With the home being prone to mundane tasks and the family interrupting every now and then. And the neighborhood itself can get quite noisy leaving you distracted from the problem you are trying to solve.

I have faced this challenge quite a number of times. How do I manage it then ? Well I actually don’t I let things take care of themselves. I put on my headphones and inform the family members to not disturb me during my work hours.

But then again the other challenge is how to you keep yourself focused while being at home ? Well this is something that you should really look out for. Even I, myself, find getting distracted or side tracked from my main work.

Unforeseen Issues

Now what might have we got here ? Let us find out!

Here I will describe how the electricity plays an important role in the running of work machine I described earlier. Considering not all of us are privileged to a high density town. Some of us are from the remote part of the country. Guess that’s where the word remote in remote work represents.

But jokes aside the electricity on some parts of our country are concerning. They do not normally cut out the electricity but during the times of rain and storm, they very much do. It is because of the un-managed wires out in the crowded places. A small rain might cause serious injury if the wires are not carefully placed.

Because of this I have face huge problems with my employer. And the fact that I do not have a inverter or even another source for power. Well it more or less sucks.

The Long Episodes of Couch Potato(ing)

Well this is more of a health issue. Normal people are outgoing and nature lovers, but some of us aren’t. Not that I do not love nature, I very much do. And the fact that I love nature that is why I don’t step out very often.

Nah, I’m just too introverted to go out !? That was supposed to be a secret. And the fact that I sit for almost 10 hours on a chair sounds alarming. It in fact is very alarming.

I sometimes do manage to work out without any equipment. But I feel that is not enough I do run ~1200 steps too in the morning. But the bad thing is that is inside my own room and without a treadmill. Now you see why I don’t really go out.

Everything else is fine but I sit too much and this is really very unhealthy habit. Also this has made me gain too much fat. The workout is relatively new as compared to my couch potato(ing) habit.

All hail the COVID19 WFM and the ultimate lessons I learned from it.

The Laziness

Well this is one of the most challenging thing I have had even before the COVID19 outbreak. To confess I am a lazy person in my everyday life.

I struggle with everything in my life because somehow I manage to procrastinate the basic everyday tasks. Please do not relate this with my work, I am quite effective with it.

The people in IT are quite lazy that’s what I have been hearing. And I wonder why do they always have that one opinion ?

Laziness is something more reactive than the COVID19 itself. And I feel this habit of mine has something to do some of the other issues I have mentioned. But at the end of the day COVID19 has thrown me into my comfort zone. I wonder who is to blame ?

That is all I have to say about the ultimate lessons from COVID19 WFM. Please let me know how the COVID19 has affected you. Or if you are reading this from the future please do comment what were you doing at times of COVID19.

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