The long road.

Looking back, I remember that I used to look at programming books and wonder what it is like to know everything that there is. If I remember correctly, this was when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I used to type everything into the notepad and save it. It was just plain HTML, maybe version 4.1 relevant that time. I felt like I created a masterpiece just by copying what was already there.

But it wasn’t really until my 11th grade I had hands on programming experience. I used to search for interactive tutorials online. When I was in 11th, there was still only HTML and CSS being taught. Which I clinged onto at the time, I was very happy to create some useless mock designs and feel really great about it. It was the 12th grade, the drastic change when C (Programming Language) hit me real hard. I had this hunger for teaching computers how to program. But I did not understand a bit at the start. At one point I even felt like quitting programming, that I really wanted to do. But i’m glad I did not make permanent decision based on temporary feeling.

When I learned the basics of C, I started learning the basics of PHP, Python and JavaScript. Bachelor’s is where I started with Java, and I absolutely love it. Still I am getting better at each of these, except Python, I don’t use it now but I am considering to get into it again. I am currently into Android, Laravel and Vue.js, hoping to get better at each of them with time.


Naveen Niraula


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