About Us

Who Am I ?

Naveen Niraula is an Android developer who has graduated in 2019. He has successfully completed B.Sc. Hons in Computing from Leeds Beckett University.

With the keenness in technology he managed to join as an intern in Green Computing Nepal back in 2016. The office itself was associated with a medium sized agency for registered nurses but he had learned great deal.

Since, the first semester of college he believed that the field required practical knowledge. Hence, it must not only be limited to the college and the theoretical learning.

He has more that 2 years of professional experience building Android applications. Currently being affiliated with Dynamic Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. He is open to new opportunities either full-time or freelancing.

And what is it that I do ?

Well I have already explained it mostly that I create mobile applications. That is pretty much it. But seems like you do not really believe that is the only thing I do.

Then I must present you with my areas of expertise:

  • Create Android applications using native languages ( Java & Kotlin )
  • Highly optimized website ( using WordPress ) & web-app creation ( Laravel & Vue.JS )
  • I can also optimize the SEO of your website and improve your website’s performance
  • Also I can see some technical bits of network of your V.P.S / shared web hosting

So that is all that I can do. But I am constantly learning to get better at what I do, so feel free to check back anytime.